The History of Mongerama

Long ago, a man had a vision: He would share his filth with the world. This man was called Monger. And what better way for Monger to do this than via the internet. Only, he didn't have what it takes to do so. He could e-mail people and browse junky websites, but that was the extent of his abilities. He needed other forces to help him get his filth out. So he found the perfect person...Jenny No.2.

Already infamous for her work as a poop artist, Jenny had the skills needed to get Mongerama out on the web. With her scripting skills and ability to turn Mongers crappy images into amazing web graphics, Mongerama was well on the way to international super fame.

Monger and Jenny planned to work on a website since back in June of 2001, but every time they met up to try to get things started, they got side tracked with junky horror and kung-fu flicks or trashy punk rock records.

Finally, one day, (nearly a year later in February 2002) it was enough! Jenny knew they couldn't put things off any longer, so she uploaded a few pictures after Mongers sorry attempts to do things himself. From there, history was made...

Now, aside from spewing out tons of filth on the internet, Monger has found a way to culture America's youth (as well as kids around the world) with stuff school forbids teaching... trashy punk that steers clear from the mainstream Blink-182 crap kids think is cutting edge with his wonderful and rarely known punk bands from all over the world, giving many bands recognition they deserve.

Aside from that, Mongerama sees to it, we make the world a filthier place with Hate Smut, a popular feature on the site. Who else is a better model than Lors herself, clad with tattoos, cigarettes, 40's, and hair that's been dyed so much, we don't even remember what her natural color is anymore...

Plus other features Mongerama has include other forms of rare records including weird Moog LPs and Moog photos, fun things like guns, plus a lot of other weird shit. And we will keep doing it till we get our account taken away for who knows what reasons!!! And then we'll just hafta buy our own URL!!!!

...And guess what.... WE FINALLY DID IT!!! As of February 27, 2003, is property of Monger (provider of filth) and Jenny (webmistress) who intend to keep the internet trashy.

~The Good People At Mongerama~

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