Zolar X "Timeless" Original

Zolar X "Timeless" Original label.

Zolar X "Timeless" AT
Re-issue test press.
4 copies made.

Zolar X "Timeless" AT Re-issue.

Finally!...Zolar X is getting their long overdue accolades...and not a moment too soon,judging from the crap smeared in our ears by todays hit machine media....Like Halleys comet,Zolar X is back and also from intersteller space!...History of Zolar X can be had here www.geocities.com/zolarx1/ and its manditory reading! But down to brass tacks...Mongerama contacted the Deliar Space coperation files and got in touch with Ygarr Ygarrist of Zolar X and got the facts straight,so here they are! After Zolar X imploded in 1980 or so,Ygarr Ygarrist (lazor lead guitar) decided that Zolar X's music deserved to be heard,so he decided to put out a LP to document the bands music,culled from a few different recording sessions..contrary to popular thinking the song "Timeless" IS NOT Ygarr's solo music,but in fact a Zolar X song...1000 copies were pressed up at a plant in North Hollywood,CA...there was to be a cover with artwork done by Zolar X's artgod,Armondo Norte..but the 2 guys helping produce the LP ran out of money,so the original artwork vanished into the bowels of some LA printshop....Ygarr then did as best he could and made some pink insert sheets and that was it...copies were mostly given away or sold at local record stores in LA...at the time,Zory Zenith,Zolar X vocalist,was none to happy about the release and went so far as to deem it a bootleg...but years later acknowlaged Ygarr had done the right thing,which lead to the full scale AT reissue...and...a handful of demo 45's were pressed up...maybe 10....of "Science" and "Mirrors"....so scarce,none are accounted for it seems.....around 1975 or so... Now you can hear the Zolar X experiance yourself....while Mongerama does not normally do too much commercial pimping,this is different...this is fucking manditory....Vinyl and CD reissue of Timeless with bonus tracks...and if its the CD,LOTS of bonus tracks!Zolar X is also doing their first shows in 26 years!..first is San Jose at the blank club,June 18,2005....if your within 200 miles...get over there! LA dates are pending at this time...

MONGERAMA will be following Zolar X through our telescopes and will keep you posted on whats happaning,and maybe a few more visual treats on this page!


Nearly a quarter of a century later, Zolar X is back and as badassed as ever!...this went down at the Knitting Factory in Hollywood....as I pulled onto Hollywood blvd,i noticed a huge spaceship in the Chinese Theatre parking lot (no bullshit)...After the opening bands finished up,Rodney Bingenheimer introduced them...
Been a while since he had done so at his English Disco in the mid 70's...and the launched into a powerful set of expertly executed Zolar X rock ..incredible playing...
They are amazing to see live.....and that packed crowd pic should tell you so!

Stay tuned for more Zolar X pics and vinatge era stuff here!...and go the the official zolar x site at http://www.geocities.com/zolarx1/

Zolar X releasing a limited edition 45 on clear vinyl for Zolar X-mas 2005!..these 2 tracks are from 1974 and were the 2 tracks on the Zolar X acetate 45 that only 10 were made of...mastertapes long vanished...and nobody had a copy of the original 10 made...except Ygarrs sister had stored one for years...in mint condition! so know all can hear ZolarX in the formative glory,with these 2 early studio cuts! Besides,the last time you had a chance to hear this record,you were tottering around on platforms,luded out of your gourd at Rodneys English disco...where one of the copys apparently wound up,getting spun on a regular basis...MONGERAMA got a sneak peek at the sleeve and label art,and heres a teaser!and there is yet even more than this! ALSO...Zolar X is preparing more live jobs in the near future,so watch the skys!stay tuned for a few vintage Zolar X things to go up here in the next couple days!

Sample art for the sleeve, labels, and pocket art.

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